Even if you don't know much about vino, chances are you've heard of Vinho Verde. As well as Dão, most likely, because several products of our accessible and quality wine selection come from this region. 

But do you know of other – lesser known but equally beautiful – regions of Portugal? 
Let’s get acquainted with the main ones, and talk wine and food pairings through it all, seeing how the goal is to barbecue your heart out.  


Vinho Verde, the one you know 

Located completely north-west of Portugal, the Vinho Verde appellation produces wines of great liveliness, sometimes slightly sparkling. They can showcase surprising acidity, which remains pleasant since it brings a nice freshness. Light and enjoyable, these wines are particularly lovely on hot days. Or to brighten up your aperitif on rainy days. 


Head over to Dão

Surrounded by mountains on all sides, the Dão region is home to vineyards scattered through pine forests at different altitudes up to 1,000 meters. If we enjoy Dão wines for their accessibility both in terms of profile and price, know that many of them lend themselves very well to aging.


Douro, more than Port

Probably the best known of the Douro wines, Port comes from the steep hillsides overlooking the region's namesake river. Moreover, the breathtaking vineyard of the Upper Douro Valley is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. But more and more, it is the quality of its dry red and white wines that has people talking. The region is capable of nicely structured red wines with intense fruitiness, and lively white wines with exotic notes.  

Vibrant white and shrimp

Red wine and grilled chicken

Poulet grillé à la portugaise

Portuguese-style grilled chicken

Preparation 10 minutes
Cooking time 50 minutes to 1 hour
Servings 4

Divine Douro and flank steak

Steak de flanc de boeuf mariné à la méditerranéenne

Mediterranean marinated beef flank steak

Preparation 10 minutes | marinade : 12 hours
Cooking time 5 to 6 minutes
Servings 4

Fruity red and grilled pork

Sandwichs de luxe au porc grillé

Deluxe grilled-pork sandwiches

Preparation 20 minutes
Cooking time 20 minutes
Servings 4


Tejo, in the heart of it all 

This region is located in the heart of the country, just east of Lisbon. In fact, at a time when the region was about mass production, it was the main supplier for the capital’s bars and restaurants. Over the past fifteen years, producers have changed their philosophy and now focus on quality more than quantity. Criss-crossed by the Tagus River (Tejo in Portuguese), this region is also known for its olive groves and cork forests. 


Péninsule de Setùbal  

The Setúbal Peninsula, located south of Lisbon, is the birthplace of the famous Moscatel de Setúbal, one of Portugal's best-known wines. The climate of this region is very Mediterranean, with hot and dry summers and slightly rainy winters; basically, our total opposite! But let this enviable climate inspire you for dinner with a lovely grilled fish. 



Located along the Atlantic coast of Portugal, Lisboa is the wine region that encompasses, you guessed it, the capital city of Lisbon. It is made up of nine denominations of origin including some of the most productive and heterogeneous areas of the country. The vines that grow on the coast enjoy a great influence from the Atlantic, while those on the land side of the Serra da Estrela range enjoy more of a Mediterranean climate. Lisboa is therefore a very diverse region that we enjoy exploring, one wine at a time. 

So, did you like this overview? Share your Portuguese favourites in the pages of your favourite products. Cheers and happy end of summer! 

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