Even though premixed cocktails have been available at the SAQ for nearly two decades, their popularity has skyrocketed in recent years. Fresh, yummy and very, very practical, these single-serve delights are perfect for summer. There are countless flavour combinations to choose from, especially here in Québec, where local producers are dedicating their expertise to developing delectable canned cocktails. From amaretto sour to gin and tonic, there’s something for everyone and every occasion.

Make the most of the sunny season by kicking back with a homegrown premixed cocktail and tasty pairing.

BleuRoyal Gin + Soda Mûre

Gin + Soda Mûre by BleuRoyal is a true blue cocktail! The tinted BleuRoyal gin at the base of the drink, which happens to be a nod to our fleurdelisé, and real fruit purée made from Québec blackberries make it a light, not too sweet thirst quencher for hot days. How about a crisp summer salad with local spinach, strawberries and goat cheese to go with it?

Miele Sour

Miele Sour belongs in the cooler you take up to the cottage for the weekend! Inspired by a classic amaretto sour, this lemonade combines the sweetness of amaretto and acidity of real lemon juice. Effervescent, refreshing and so versatile, Miele Sour is terrific on a terrasse, at a casual dinner, with dessert and even around the campfire.

Rosemont Mojito Épicé

Distillerie de Montréal has come up with a local mojito—the mythical cocktail that blends rum, mint and lime and no artificial flavours. This premixed version is always the right choice for pre-drink cocktails in good company. It also happens to be the only mojito made from rum that is fermented and distilled in Québec. One more reason to raise our can(!) to a sunny summer and our talented local artisans!


On Fridays, after you’ve wrapped up the week and are gearing up for a relaxing evening, fire up the BBQ, crack open a can of Gingria and ease into the summer break. Made from Stadaconé Rouge gin, Gingria is a local interpretation of traditional Spanish sangria. Citrus and cranberry combine in a tart and fruity cocktail that contains only nine grams of sugar per can. Cheers!

Sainte-Marie Mojito

Inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s favourite Havana haunts, Sainte-Marie Mojito will transport you to the Caribbean of the 1940s. Just like an authentic mojito, this refreshing canned cocktail blends lime and mint so well you’d swear they were muddled in the can! Sainte-Marie spiced rum gives the drink a warm and unique blush base. Make yourself a beachy ceviche, pop open a Sainte-Marie Mojito, put your feet up and let your taste buds whisk you to Cuba.

Pink Lemonade

Pink lemonade is the quintessence of summer drinks, and Distillerie 3 lacs has concocted its own delicious version with its popular grapefruit and rosemary gin and real lemon juice. The result is sparkling and delicious! Pack some in a cooler and head straight to the park for a summer picnic with friends. Enjoy the cocktail on its own or with a sunny salad.

In collaboration with BluePearl Distillerie, Les Spiritueux Iberville, La Distillerie de Montréal, Distillerie Stadaconé, Club local Cocktails & Spiritueux, Distillerie 3 Lacs.