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The spirit of knowing

Do you want to know more about the world of wine and spirits?
Discover the SAQ's The spirit of knowing blog to perfect your knowledge in the world of alcoholic beverages.

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Natural wineNatural wine

Natural wine

Virtually unknown not so long ago, natural wines have found their way into Quebecers’ hearts. What’s behind the rising popularity of these wines without additives?

Different wine grapesDifferent wine grapes


You probably know Cabernet and Sauvignon, but what about Savagnin and Tannat? Dive into the wide world of grape varieties and expand your horizons. 


Wine growing regions

Need a little escape? Explore the most beautiful wine regions and discover their climate, main grape varieties, typical dishes and more.

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  1. Perfect holiday pairings
    Pairings and Taste Tags

    Perfect holiday pairings

    Pop the bubbly and discover the perfect pairings for each taste tag!

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  2. vodka
    Production methods

    Vodka: the drink for any occasion!

    Its versatility has made it one of the most popular spirits in the world. Vodka lovers, learn more about its origins, traditions, and possible food and drink pairings.

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  3. distillery

    Spirits: grain to glass

    All it took was one and a quarter miles of corn fields in every direction, boreal water sourced from almost 300 feet underground, and a splash of crazy, and Pierre Mantha had everything he needed to start a new career by launching an artisanal distillery—the first in Outaouais—built just a few steps from the Gatineau airport. The secret to his success? A range of top-shelf spirits made with the choicest of raw ingredients.

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  4. champagne

    Champagne: a matter of style

    There are many types of Champagne, from a dry Brut Nature, to a complex vintage, to a festive demi-sec served over ice. We take a closer look at this luxury product for any occasion.

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  5. cups of champagnes

    To each their own...bubbly

    Bubbly’s rising popularity has resulted in a wide variety of bottles to choose from. Here’s a handy guide to finding the one that’s right for you!

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  6. Wines from a land down-under!

    Wines from a land down-under!

    Describing Aussie winemaking in just a few lines is tricky. The offer down under is more diverse than ever and behind us are the days of the monolithic full-bodied Australian wine. Recent years have ushered in new quality-focussed producers, and lately they’ve been taking a much more balanced approach to the craft.

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  7. Alsace landscape

    Alsace, nice whites!

    White wine is popular in Quebec again, and how fortunate for Alsace — it’s their speciality. With an age-old winemaking tradition, the region proposes an exceptional offering of grapes that spring forth from a dizzying variety of terroirs.

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  8. Maple-flavoured alcoholic beverages.

    Maple: From dish to drink

    Beyond syrup, maple-based liqueurs, wines, cream beverages and other spirits derived from the famous tree have become the delight of mixologists and adventurous amateurs alike.

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  9. whisky glasses
    Tasting and service

    Fine spirits: tasting 101

    Discover fine spirits thanks to our taste tags, small format bottles and SAQ par l’ITHQ workshops.

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  10. creme de menthe isabelle

    A fresh look at crème de menthe

    In a different era, it was an aperitif stalwart, but nowadays crème de menthe has fallen by the spirit wayside. Yet there is no better time than the present to reacquaint yourself with this unique spirit — especially now that there’s a made-in-Quebec brand to sample!

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  11. a gin cocktail in preparation

    Gin mania!

    Quebec micro-distillery made gin is on the rise! Here are a few gins worth sampling – whether on the rocks or in a cocktail.

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  12. winery in picture

    Esteemed Italian wines

    Aficionados know that new arrivals of esteemed Italian wines are always worth checking out! Now is your chance to explore all the diversity that Italian winemaking has to offer.

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