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Natural wineNatural wine

Natural wine

Virtually unknown not so long ago, natural wines have found their way into Quebecers’ hearts. What’s behind the rising popularity of these wines without additives?

Different wine grapesDifferent wine grapes


You probably know Cabernet and Sauvignon, but what about Savagnin and Tannat? Dive into the wide world of grape varieties and expand your horizons. 


Wine growing regions

Need a little escape? Explore the most beautiful wine regions and discover their climate, main grape varieties, typical dishes and more.

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  1. Vinho verde: fresh portuguese air

    Vinho verde: fresh portuguese air

    Thanks to distinctive grape varieties and straightforward winemaking techniques, Vinho Verde makes for wines that are light and likeable, and which are particularly delightful to drink when the weather is hot!

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  2. cocktail with mint and brandy
    Tasting and service

    Brandy, Cognac or Armagnac?

    Here are a few examples of the many cocktails that can be made with brandy, a spirit made by distilling wine.

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  3. Alsatian wines

    Are all Alsatian wines sweet?

    Many believe that Alsatian wines are sweet and mild. But is that fact or fiction?

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  4. Jura vineyard
    Production methods

    Jura wine: original and complex!

    Jura is a small region—especially in terms of production. It’s worth the hunting though, these wines are diverse and very original!

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  5. Wine glasses

    Venetian wine

    Veneto is a world-renowned region, but beyond its lagoon, it also offers vineyards to discover (or rediscover). Here’s a quick tour through Veneto.

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  6. Piedmont

    Portrait of Piedmont

    Located not far from Turin, Piedmont is the land of Nebbiolo, the well-known red grape that is used in the production of many a great wine. But it is also home to many other treasures, both wine and food included.

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  7. Wine cellar

    Bordeaux supérieur

    Think Bordeaux and what usually come to mind are the well-known Grands Crus and their stratospheric prices. But there are pearls to be found in some of the smaller appellations.

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  8. Champaign pored into glasses
    Tasting and service

    When to pop open the bubbly

    Everyone pops open the bubbly on special occasions, but it can just as easily be served at a laid-back dinner, or impromptu get-together.

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  9. niagara peninsula vineyard

    The Niagara Peninsula

    What do you think about when you think of Niagara Falls? Certainly, there are hotels with heart-shaped beds, haunted houses and plenty of miniature golf courses... But besides the tourist centre that’s frozen in time and the majestic Falls themselves, Niagara is also a wine region worth checking out—particularly since it’s practically our next-door neighbour!

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  10. tannat grapes
    Wine cultivation

    Tannat: beyond Madiran

    Quebec knows this cepage as the source of Madiran wines. Yet it has also seen great success in other soils!

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  11. whisky in the distillery
    Production methods

    Spirits: To each their own Scotch

    Depending on its provenance, how it was made and whether it was blended, Scotch whisky offers many nuances to savour for those willing to take the time to appreciate it.

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  12. Ontario wine

    Wine getaway in Ontario

    Wine aficionados and foodies should keep Ontario in mind for their next trip—it has a lot to offer!

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