The rainbow of premixed cocktails greeting you when you step in store is a testament to their popularity; we love them and they’re here to stay. We love them because its convenient to open a single serving and maintain moderation, because they tag along easily (and mess-free) and because the simplicity-to-taste ratio is very appealing. And if that wasn’t enough, turns out they marry quite well with many summer dishes. The proof is in these pairings.

Fennel salad with citrus and fetaFennel salad with citrus and feta

Fennel salad with citrus and feta

This vodka-based beverage highlights the acidic notes of lemon and of red berries. Rather sweet but well-balanced, this is an ideal complement for this refreshing fennel salad with citrus and feta as it will bite into the saltiness of the famous cheese.

Salmon in citrus sauceSalmon in citrus sauce

Salmon in citrus sauce

Don’t feel like carrying or purchasing all the necessary products and tools to achieve the perfect Aperol Spritz? With this premixed cocktail, you don’t need to.  Prosecco, the classic bitter liqueur and a touch of sparkling water are combined in a bright bottle. All you need are ice cubes and an orange slice and voilà. Your taste buds will be delighted paired with salmon in citrus sauce.  

Spicy guacamole with bacon bitsSpicy guacamole with bacon bits

Spicy guacamole with bacon bits

Building on their success with their citrusy and seductively sweet gins, Seventh Heaven offers here a very fruity marriage that combines the richness and depth of blueberry with the sweet bitterness and acidity of cranberry. Just the thing to tame the kick in this spicy guacamole with bacon bits served with your favourite chips.

Fattoush (Lebanese salad)Fattoush (Lebanese salad)

Fattoush (Lebanese salad)

The blend of watermelon and mint with a rum base and a touch of coconut creates quite the pleasant mix. Perfect to bring a little sunshine to any happy hour. As for finding the perfect pairing? The touch of mint will echo the ingredients in this delicious Fattoush salad.

Chicken brochettes with tapenadeChicken brochettes with tapenade

Chicken brochettes with tapenade

The curiosity of sangria lovers will be quenched. The drink is a nod to the famous Spanish drink, but the red wine was substituted for a clever cranberry and citrus cocktail, highlighted by Stadaconé distillery’s “red” gin.  Not too sweet and graced with a pleasing acidity, it will pair well with chicken brochettes with tapenade.

Scallop and salsa bitesScallop and salsa bites

Scallop and salsa bites

For talented mixologist Patrice Plante, aka Monsieur Cocktail, this mojito is simply the best there is. With no artificial flavours or colours, this premixed drink comes from cold-pressed juices and a blend of artisanal Caribbean rums. Adding the freshness of mint from the garden, it will be perfect with scallop and salsa bites.