The warmer weather is back and with it comes Mother’s Day. On this special occasion, it’s time to think of an original gift to express our love, gratitude and admiration for the moms in our lives. 

This year, we suggest swapping the usual—and short-lived—bouquet for a great floral wine. Because when you gift a nice bottle of wine, you’re giving someone the opportunity to share and enjoy it with others. It’ll certainly be appreciated! With that, here are six floral wine suggestions for Mother’s Day, along with recipe ideas that will pair exquisitely with them. 



A bouquet of white flowers in a bottle

At times with hints of acacia, hawthorn or honeysuckle, and others with camomile or violet—the floral notes of these wines, which vary depending on the different varietals, impart freshness and refinement. In all cases, their subtle flavour will elevate dishes without overpowering them and please even the most sensitive palates.

This pleasant wine with hints of white flowers, acacia, pear, and Granny Smith apple will delight fans of dry, light wines with a pronounced acidity. Its expressive aromas, lovely freshness and enticing green notes make this the ideal bottle to add a bit of sophistication to a laid-back spaghetti with pesto spaghetti evening! 

This blend featuring Seyval grapes has vegetal notes and hints of white flowers, mandarin and pear. It marries well with the tart, earthy flavours of a traditional hummus, as the wine’s acidity creates an alluring contrast with the creamy texture of this easy-to-make dip. 

With its subtle, complex notes of lemon and white fruit, this Chardonnay calls for avocado and shrimp verrines as an appetizer. The wine’s citrusy aroma and floral notes of hawthorn and honeysuckle will complement the delicate flavour of the Matane shrimp and avocado, while its acidity will balance out the creaminess of the recipe. A double dose of lightness and freshness!

A spray of pastel flowers

Rosé wines are springtime in a bottle, offering a bouquet of floral flavours and aromas that add a subtle taste to every sip. The following suggestions will make wonderful pairings with all tomato, avocado and salmon (smoked or not!) dishes.

This blend of Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir grapes with a touch of Vidal has great aromatic finesse highlighted by cherry, raspberry and peach, all brightened by lovely notes of violet. It goes wonderfully with poultry, fish, seafood, and cheeses from Québec, or grilled avocados à la Provençale.

This lovely vin gris has slightly higher residual sugar, which will please fans of fruity and light wine. Strawberry and peach combine for a deliciously floral and fruity bouquet. This perfect cocktail wine goes well with tomato, basil and Friulano cheese bruschetta, for an explosion of summer flavours. The vegetal notes echo the basil while the freshness of the wine and the tomato round everything out.

Made using only Seyval Noir grapes, this mouth-watering rosé charms with its notes of camomile and hints of red berries and pomegranate. Its bright pink colour and delicate bouquet make this the right wine for light dishes and appetizers like blinis with smoked salmon. The acidity and freshness of the wine temper the richness of the smoked salmon while enhancing its flavour. 

Cheers and Happy Mother’s Day!