Current circumstances compel us to find new ways to tell our mothers how much they mean to us—in very, very small groups and from the comfort of home—but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take some special time out to thank our moms, our mother figures and the mothers of our children. And what better way to celebrate than with a delicious meal made from scratch and a terrific bottle of sparkling wine or cider, rosé or red? Here are a few suggestions for a fantastic Mother’s Day feast.

Not only are the pairings festive and delicious, they’re as easy as one-two-three to prepare and sure to brighten any mom’s day.

As a bonus, we’ve drawn up a quick list of wines for a surprise gift mamas will love.

Pairings made simple

Henkell Troken and gougères

What better way to start your Mother’s Day celebration than by popping open a bottle of bubbly? We suggest Henkell Troken, which is the ideal match for the gougères you’ll be serving as hors-d’oeuvres. With its fruity notes and subtle aroma of green apples, the German sparkling wine is a brilliant opener. 

Budget-friendly gift ideas