With the arrival of summer, we're finally seeing the return of afternoons on the terrace, picnics in the park and other outdoor activities. Here are our must-have pre-made drinks and cocktails to accompany all those sunny moments.

Captain Morgan Mango Mai Tai

For a contemporary reinterpretation of this classic tiki cocktail, follow the captain! A touch of mango is added to the rum and citrus notes to create a harmonious combination of tropical flavours. To bring a breeze from the south to your patio, fire up the bbq and pair it with this avocado and mango burger recipe.

Lone River Ranch Rita Blood Orange

The Lone River Collection offers ready-to-drink beverages inspired by the American Southwest. This margarita combines the flavour of blood orange with agave nectar and a pinch of salt. Served chilled, it can be enjoyed after a day of hiking or while watching your favourite western movie. Either way, it will be perfect with this seasonal Tex-Mex pairing.

Smirnoff Ice Orange Creamsicle Blast 

Its classic orange and vanilla flavour has a retro feel that will take you back to another era! Perfect for celebrating a big win after a hard-fought baseball or softball tournament. Serve it with this recipe for macaroni and cheese bites for an all orange (and nostalgic) pairing.

Smirnoff Peach Lemonade

This vodka perfectly combines citrus and peach flavours. It will add a fruity touch to your classic vodka-based cocktails: think cosmo, sour, or even moscow mule! Pair it with iced tea for a refreshing instant cocktail and serve it with this pulled pork sandwich recipe for a southern U.S. experience.

Don Julio Blanco

Made only with carefully selected blue agave and distilled twice, this tequila has delicate notes of lime and grapefruit. To preserve its delicate, subtle flavour, serve it over ice, in a paloma or in a classic margarita. If you want to turn your patio into a Mexican beach, pair it with these shrimp tacos.

Smirnoff Seltzer Lemonades (12 X 355ml)

This set contains four varieties of seltzers (pink lemonade, blue raspberry, pineapple and peach). Full of flavour but low in sugar and calories, they share well to welcome the warm weather. Whether on the patio, balcony or in the park, this set is perfect for hosting a tasting party with friends. Serve with this simple guacamole recipe for a fun time where everybody can chip in!

Smirnoff Creamsicle Blast Orange

This vodka offers the classic taste of orange soda and vanilla. You can serve it over ice or with sparkling water to enhance its signature flavour or add it to orange cocktails for extra depth. Use it in place of vanilla vodka in this vanilla sour recipe, which combines its rich orange notes with pineapple and vanilla flavours. With this recipe for mini pineapple and serrano chicken skewers, you'll have a bold pairing for the warm season.

Cîroc Mango

This elegant vodka with natural mango flavours shows its finesse when served over ice or in classic cocktails. Don't be shy about incorporating it into a martini, a cosmopolitan or even adding a dash of sparkling wine and orange juice for a truly refined mango mimosa. Serve it with this mango shrimp salad for a perfect match.

Gordon's Premium Pink

With its red berry flavours and pink veil, this Gordon's Pink Gin adds a bit of sweetness and a fruity profile to your gin-based cocktails. Think gin and tonic laced with red fruits, a strawberry martini or in this raspberry collins. Either way, it will be a hit to cool guests, to accompany appetizers or even when serving red fruit desserts, like this raspberry panna cotta recipe.

Smirnoff Pink Lemonade

The classic pink lemonade flavour is a must-have for the season. So this vodka is perfect to welcome the warm weather. With its combination of citrus, strawberry and raspberry flavours, it will bring a fruity note to your vodka-based cocktails.  Use it to make this sparkling lemonade or even a cotton candy. You'll bring a sea breeze to your parties by serving it with this lobster sandwich recipe!

Cîroc Apple

The Cîroc collection offers a range of vodkas distilled five times for an outstanding purity. Its apple version presents notes of green apple, vanilla and citrus. It will be used as a base for more sophisticated cocktails such as this iced apple martini. To really enjoy the beautiful season, accompany it with this crispy and fresh Waldorf salad.

Baileys Colada

The legendary taste of Baileys is combined with coconut and pineapple flavours in this tropical cream that's perfect as a cocktail base. Top it off with crushed ice to bring out its full flavour or add crushed fruit to create refreshing smoothies. To add a tropical touch to your festivities, pair it with these grilled ham and pineapple skewers.

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