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Our suggestions to celebrate dad


Our suggestions for celebrating dad

To salute our heroic fathers who are always on hand to fix a leaky pipe, let's give them something that makes their day. Successful pairings, heart-warming gifts and, above all, quality time with their children. Here are a few ideas for honouring our dear dads.

Published on June 5, 2023

Father's Day is the perfect time to get together as a family and celebrate all the little things our fathers do (often in silence) to help us. So it's the ideal day to treat them to something special.

Whether it's for an aperitif to catch up on old times, to accompany precious moments, their favourite dishes or simply a little something extra after the meal, we've selected a few essentials for you.

For dads who sparkle

Laurent-Perrier La Cuvée Brut

Made from over a hundred carefully selected crus, this fine champagne is mainly produced from chardonnay. Its persistent effervescence, enhanced by its fruity, floral nose and notes of honey and toasted bread, enhance its elegance and refinement. Thanks to the complexity of its four years' maturing in the cellar and its great freshness, your dad will love it as an aperitif, with oysters or this recipe for crab cakes.

Whites for devoted dads

Nicolas Grosbois Les Jardins de mon Père

This cuvée is the result of a meeting between two winemaking brothers from the Loire, Nicolas and Sylvain Grosbois, and their colleague Olivier Jean. The latter grows the local grape varieties mauzac and colombard organically in the South-West, in the heart of the Tarn valley. Together, they produce a magnificent wine with notes of honey and fresh fruit, where the green apple notes of the mauzac are a perfect complement to the floral profile of the colombard. Launched by the Grosbois brothers in honour of their father's garden and the memories that grew up there, it will be a fitting tribute to all fathers who love fresh, authentic wines. As an aperitif, with grilled garden vegetables or with lobster.

Guy Lafleur Signature Chardonnay Péninsule du Niagara

This cuvée is the fruit of a long search that took Guy Lafleur to various Canadian producers to pick out the wine that would bear his signature. In the end, it was a Chardonnay from Tawse Winery that emerged victorious. In a league of its own, this wine offers crisp pear flavours, subtle marzipan notes and a lovely floral profile, of course. Serve a pass right on your father's blade and pair it with ceviche or grilled fish. The perfect combination, a bit like a goal from Flower on an assist from Steve Shutt!

Reyneke Organic Chenin Blanc Western Cape

This organic South African Chenin Blanc comes from the Western Cape province, some forty kilometres from the Atlantic coast. The wine is fermented in stainless steel vats and then matured on the lees for several months, developing its buttery, round profile. With its generous fruit flavours (apple, pear, peach, lemon) as well as herbal and milky notes, it is both complex and fresh. For dads who love delicious whites to accompany seafood, like this platter for special occasions.

Father is falling for reds

Château Recougne Bordeaux Supérieur

Xavier Milhade is a fourth-generation winegrower on the land of Château Recougne. This hundred-hectare vineyard is located near the Fronsac hilltop on sandy-clay soils. The plots are planted with Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Carmènère, which has become rare in the Bordeaux region. The wine has round, silky tannins underpinned by spicy, vegetal notes and great depth. Your father will love it with a variety of grilled meats or with this tartar recipe.

Castelgiocondo Brunello di Montalcino

A great Tuscan estate owned by the Frescobaldi family, Castelgiocondo is situated south-west of Montalcino at an altitude of around 300 metres. This location allows the Sangiovese to flourish and develop its deep notes of wild blackberry, blackcurrant and violet. Ageing in tuns gives the wine a fine oaky character which blends perfectly with the spicy elements (pepper, liquorice) to create a well-balanced combination. Its incredible density and long finish suggest it has great ageing potential, but fathers who like to enjoy the moment can savour it now with this bistecca alla fiorentina.  

Bodegas Juan Gil Jumilla

The Jumilla appellation is located in south-east Spain, and it is its dry, hot climate that allows the Monastrell grape variety to develop its typical character of cooked fruit, blackberry and spice. Ageing for 12 months in French oak barrels contributes to its oaky profile and notes of torrefaction. The entire production of this bodega is certified organic, and the wines are also vegan. This is the wine to serve your father with your tastiest vegetarian recipes, like this chilli. Fathers who are resolutely meat lovers will also enjoy it with grilled red meats.

Port time with pops

Taylor Fladgate Tawny 10 Ans

Founded in 1692, Taylor Fladgate is one of the oldest port houses still in activity. Aged in 630-litre casks for around ten years, it develops its famous brick-red colour, rich, savoury flavours of ripe fruit and incomparable hints of wood. It's the ideal wine to round off a meal with your father, to accompany a tiramisu or simply as an after-dinner drink, reflecting on the passing of time in good company.

Spirits for discerning dads

The Busker Triple Cask Triple Smooth

Produced by the Royal Oak distillery in County Carlow, a hundred kilometres south of Dublin, Busker Triple cask has all the qualities of Irish whiskey: freshness, subtlety and a smooth character. Its aromatic profile of vanilla, spices, dark chocolate and tropical fruit comes from ageing in a unique combination of three types of casks (sherry, bourbon and marsala). It will delight your father served neat, on the rocks or in an Irish lemonade.

Bowmore 12 Ans Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky

The oldest distillery on Islay, it was founded in 1779. The distillery has always maintained a very traditional approach, still using floor malting and drying the malted barley with local peat smoke. The inimitable profile of its whiskies comes precisely from the combination of this ancestral know-how and its unique location. Its iodised character and peaty flavours, combined with notes of honey and orange zest, will charm dads who love whiskies with a strong personality. Serve it around the fire to extend the evening with your favourite dad, or to add depth to your Scotch-based cocktails.

Les Bienheureux El Pasador de Oro X.O.

This rum is distilled in Guatemala, a country renowned for the quality of its sugar cane, which grows in volcanic soil. After an initial ageing at the production site, it is further matured in cognac casks in France. This additional ageing gives it even greater aromatic complexity. The result is a deep rum with notes of vanilla, mocha and sweet spices. Winner of numerous awards, including a recent gold medal at the Rum & Cachaça Masters, it is sure to please fathers who love sipping rums. It will also be perfect for preparing this high-end mojito.

Sueno de Alden Mezcal Joven

Created by Aldous Spirits, a Montreal-based company, this mezcal comes from Santiago Matatlan, in the state of Oaxaca. The traditional palenque of Pedrito Martinez Jimenez has been producing authentic mezcals there for five generations. The Sueno de Alden Joven is made from the Espadin variety of agave, the hearts of which are heated in traditional ovens, developing subtle smoky notes that combine with citrus scents and a few herbal accents. Perfect to take your father on a trip to Mexico, or to refresh him by concocting a paloma with a distinctive personality.

In partnership with Frescobaldi, Les Bienheureux, Bodegas Juan Gil, Vinicolor, Univins and Spirits as well as Nicolas Grosbois.

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